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Marguerite Perrin, AKA The God Warrior - (born March 10, 1961) was a cast member of the FOX network reality show Trading Spouses. She appeared both in the two-part premiere of the second season as well as another two-part episode in season three.


Appearances on Trading Spouses

Season 2

Marguerite Perrin first appeared on Trading Spouses in the two-part premiere which aired November 2 and November 9, 2005.

Marguerite professed to be a strong Christian, and traded homes with a New Age, Jeanne D'Amico Flisher. While on the show, Marguerite displayed erratic behavior including a vociferous attitude, yelling, unexplained vomiting and continuous proselytization.

During her stay with the exchange family, Marguerite attempted to convert them to Christianity, speaking with the three children and the father, Chris Flisher, individually. Later Marguerite asked them to visit church with her, which they obligingly did, but she vehemently refused to hear any words from Chris on the host family's own beliefs and practices and became upset and confrontational when further questioned, claiming that Chris was "pushing her buttons".

The mother who visited Marguerite's family avoided mention of topics such as astrology, but did attempt hypnotherapy on Perrin's eldest daughter Ashley (with Ashley's consent) to induce weight loss as she was trying to lose weight at the time.

When she returned home, Perrin had what has been described as a "televised freak-out", complaining that her family had not been praying for her, as she had been for them. When Ashley insisted that she had been praying for her, Marguerite stated that it wasn't enough, and appeared to blame Ashley for her ordeal. Also during this family reunion, her husband at one point remarks, "Bullshit warrior..." under his breath, after constant reference by Marguerite to being a "God warrior", "spiritual warrior", and "prayer warrior".

As part of the show, each woman got to decide how the other family should spend the $50,000 that was given at the end for participating in the program. Marguerite Perrin initially refused the $50,000 because the D'Amico-Flishers, the camera crew, and the money were, in her words, "tainted" and "dark-sided". Between screaming fits about the "ungodliness" of her Massachusetts hosts and their home, she ripped the envelope containing a letter from Jeanne instructing her on how her family should spend their show winnings. At the close of the show, it was revealed that "upon further review" Perrin later accepted the money.

Memorable Quotes

  • "She's dorksided".
  • "I'm a god warrior!"
  • "Gorgyles, slykicks!"
  • "The moon and the stars and the this and the that!"

Original Video

Daughter's death

On September 25, 2007, Perrin's 25 year old daughter, Ashley, died in a one vehicle traffic accident. She was driving alone in her vehicle when it hit the guard rail while traveling north on Interstate 55 Southeast Service Road. Ashley Perrin was ejected from the vehicle, and she died at the scene.

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