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A hot chick says to listen to DV. You must obey.
A hot chick says to listen to DV. You must obey.

The Distorted View Show (also known as Distorted View, Distorted View Daily, or DV) is an adult-oriented comedy podcast hosted by Tim Henson and usually broadcast every weekday.



Tim Henson began experimenting with Web-based comedy in 1996, and began producing episodes of the Distorted View Show in 2000 through telephony company Tellme, under the name Distorted View Daily. The show was broadcast over telephone to listeners. As its popularity increased, the show was soon featured on several Internet radio broadcasts and on FM radio. The show moved to Mp3NewsBreak in 2002, but the company ultimately collapsed. In 2003, Distorted View partnered briefly with Sirius Satellite Radio. On December 6, 2004, Distorted View began as a podcast and has continued ever since, resulting in over 1000 episodes of the show.


While billed as primarily a podcast that presents bizarre news stories, the Distorted View show also integrates other sources of aberrant material, including audio clips ripped from videos, unusual songs, or the occasional Canadian public service announcement. All of the components of Henson's podcast deal with adult themes, including (but not limited to) sex and sexual fetishes, drugs, domestic violence, unusual accidents, and racism. Henson approaches these topics with parodies, skits, and off-the-cuff commentary.

While the light and insensitive manner Henson uses while discussing these topics may be considered offensive by some, he insists on the show that it is all done in jest. Upon the listing of Distorted View on the UK iTunes he recommended that the potential new European listeners should keep an open mind and treat the show as a "daily 30-minute vacation from compassion."

Introduction and Bizarre Audio

Intro Clips

A typical episode of Distorted View will open with a selection of audio which will play uninterrupted by Henson's live commentary. This audio is very often a Great Moments introduction. Introduced with Henson's prerecorded "Distorted View Daily...proudly presents," followed by the clip's context, this intro is usually humorous audio of, for example, a bizarre or ludicrous situation or someone's ignorance or overreaction. Other possibilities include Fictional Sponsors (including Grandma Jigaboo's Old Negro-Style Waffle Batter, a parody of Aunt Jemima; or the unfortunate Levenge Group legal firm), or a bizarre/satirical song.

Bizarre Audio

After Henson's initial greeting, recitation of what news stories will be covered in the show, and the playing of the show's theme song, there is a block of time before said news stories' coverage during which Henson plays a variety of different featured strange clips. There is a veritable pantheon of different semi-regular segments and common themes which Henson touches upon.

Voicemails and Outro

At the end of each show, Tim plays some voicemails from the voicemail line. Commenting on most of them, or just giving a train wreck sound clip if they make no sense, are cut off, or just suck. After that, Tim says his goodbyes and plays some music to end the show.

Recurring Audio Drops

  • Gay Fisting Porn
  • Homeless Man Audio
  • God Warrior
    • "No! Noooo! She's not a Christian!"
    • "Everything is ungodly... Gorgyles!"
  • The Dickhole Guy
    • "Look at that! Look at that. Did you see that. Have you ever seen that?"
    • "It feels f*in' fantastic, man. Whoah..."
  • The Shitslurper
  • The Crichton Leprechaun News Report
    • "Could be a crackhead... got hold to the wrong stuff!"
    • "Show me the gold. I want the gold."
  • The Polite Vampire Lady
    • (Drunkenly) "I'm a very polite vampire"


While many recurring references come in the form of repeated audio clips, other references are merely things Henson says in the normal commentary or bits of his show. Many of them, predictably, are references to particularly memorable clips he has played.

Feigned Antisemitism

Without fail, Henson will immediately follow up his assurances that he has no biases against any group of people with the phrase "...except the Jews." Occasionally he'll follow this up with the ominous pronouncement of "I'll get you, Jews!".

Henson has never gone into any detail over how he intends to "get" the Jews.

Claims to Fame and Awards

  • In 2005 and 2006, Distorted View won Best Comedy Podcast at the Podcast Awards.
  • In 2007, Distorted View was nominated for Best Comedy Podcast at the Podcast Awards.
  • In November 2005, Distorted View was a finalist for Best Podcast in The Weblog Awards.
  • Distorted View typically ranks in the top ten user-nominated podcasts each month at Podcast Alley.
  • On November 28, 2005, the Columbus Dispatch profiled Henson.
  • In 2008, Distorted View won Best Mature Podcast at the Podcast Awards.

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