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Dick an' nuts!
Dick an' nuts!



Alexyss K. Tylor has been on the show since way back. Alexyss was brought to the attention of Distorted View when a listener from Missouri emailed Tim. She first appeared on the April 20, 2007 episode. She is the host of a public access television show – and as of more recently a YouTube vlogger.

Her topics mostly (if not always) have to do about sex. In her more earlier days, the way she spoke had more of a ghetto flair and she would just go on and on and on in that flair about sex. In 2006 her show was pulled from the air after she received many complaints from viewers. In 2007 she started gaining internet attention from clips of her television show being posted on the internet.

She does not hold a Ph.D. in Relationship Psychology or Human Sexuality.

Memorable Quotes

  • “Dick’ll make you slap somebody.”
  • “Y’all got ta pilot the pussy!”
  • “Vagina Power!”
  • "Dick an' nuts!"


Conspiracy Theories

Alexyss has mentioned "Reptilian" and "Luciferian" DNA in human beings. These are references to the theory that Reptilian, humanoid beings are secretly ruling the Earth from underground bunkers.

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